Tips for Smart Ice Fishing

ice fishing at island lake

Guest blog by The AMFisH guy…Billy

Hi Island Lake visitors, anglers, fishing enthusiasts, and fellow AMFisHers! Spring is just around the corner, so it’s your last chance to get hooked on ice fishing- if you’re not already!

Here are ten tips to ensure a safe and successful ice fishing season.

  1. Safety comes first. Be cautious, use your best judgement and keep yourself, family and friends safe.
  2. Always let people know where you are heading, when you are leaving and when you are planning to return. Make sure your cell phones and GPS units are fully charged and ready when needed.
  3. Pack a day bag with extra gloves, a toque, wool socks, safety gear and a first aid kit. Bring a thermos filled with hot soup or a hot drink and easy snacks such as assorted nuts, granola bars, protein bars or jerky. This bag may come in handy for yourself or fellow anglers.
  4. Report any major lake or hut concerns such as large cracks, unsafe conditions in an ice fishing hut or anything out of the ordinary.
  5. Be respectful and courteous. Please do not dump any remaining live bait down the ice holes- return it or pay it forward to a fellow angler.
  6. Dress in layers, with a solid base layer that is not cotton. Stick with merino wool or a moisture-wicking fabric. A proper base layer will help you stay warm all day long.
  7. Prepare for some slow days. It happens in the spring and summer months and during ice fishing season- you need to be patient for the perfect catch! Use the time to practice, try out new baits and even to socialize with fellow anglers.
  8. Try out new ice fishing baits, jigging spoons, jig heads and jigging crankbaits in multiple sizes and colors. A variety of baits can really make a big difference on your success out on the lake.
  9. Be respectful of nature by keeping your ice huts and fishing holes clean. Dispose of your garbage properly so that everyone can enjoy a clean environment and a day of ice fishing.
  10. Lend a helping hand or share some helpful tips with anyone struggling to catch fish. Socializing with fellow anglers teaches us all new things, create memories and makes the day even more fun.

The amazing thing about fishing is that it can be enjoyed all year long. I hope you found some value in this article…Tight lines everyone.

The AMFisH guy…Billy
Dedicated to helping you catch more fish!
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