The Stewardship Forum: Life Changing for One Volunteer

Guest blog spot by Rebecca Vito, Aquatic Biologist with Aquafor Beech Ltd and a CVC Volunteer Leader

It is almost time for the 2014 Friends of the Credit Stewardship Forum and it’s definitely an event worth marking on your calendar. The Forum showcases information about the Credit River watershed and environmental stewardship, and is always a fun and educational day. It may even change your life.

In 2012, I attended the Forum as an interested member of the public. I had recently started volunteering at some of CVC events and was an avid angler, developing a keen interest in stewardship. With presentations showcasing the link between the environment and human health, I soaked up all the information I could. My brain felt engaged for the first time in years, and I thought, not for the first time, that my life needed a change.

The Forum also proved to be an excellent networking opportunity. I spoke to CVC volunteers that were being honoured at the event, and hearing the pride and joy they got from helping out, further strengthened my resolve to volunteer and become more involved in making a difference in the environment.

Before the day was out, I received the final push I needed. I struck up a conversation with another attendee and soon heard about the interesting positions she had held in her environmental career. I must have asked her a hundred questions, and it wasn’t long before she suggested that I look into returning to school. She had once been in my position and had lots of advice to offer. I left the Forum and went home to research schools.

Two years later, I have graduated from school and am working as an aquatic biologist, spending my days outdoors, doing what I love.

I look forward to attending the Forum for the third year in a row. It played a big part in shaping the person I have become. It may not be a life-changing event for you, but it is one of the most interesting and rewarding ways to spend a day. Don’t miss out.

Rebecca Vito manages her own blog called Argosgirl Outdoors. She shares tips, adventures and thoughts about everything outdoors.  To view more of Rebecca’s posts, please visit

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