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Welcome to Credit Valley Conservation’s newly-designed Source blog.  If you followed the old Source online newsletter then you will be familiar with content in this blog.  If you’ve just stumbled across this site and are curious about what CVC is all about, read on.

The Source was initially released as an electronic newsletter a couple of years ago as a better way to communicate with our community.  The Source newsletter was originally planned to be released four to six times a year, focusing on programs and news about CVC and the watershed. The Source for Events was emailed monthly, featuring upcoming events and activities.

Over time The Source became a little overwhelming in size for a newsletter. CVC grew so much there was too much information to share. We were concerned that some  information we were trying to share with specific groups was getting buried under other content.

That’s why we changed to a blog format that  lets us  share information in both a formal and informal manner. Readers can now search for information on specific topics.

The Source - Promotional Cards

The Source for Events will still be sent out once a month, but it will include events and a snippet of some new stories which have been added to the blog.

We have a couple of choice stories from previous versions of The Source newsletter to get us started. Have you ever wondered where snakes go in the winter? And did you know that there was a local biodiesel co-op? New stories will be added all the time. If there’s something you’re wondering about or if you have an idea for a story that you’d like to see in The Source let us know.

Make sure you sign up for The Source for Events on the right, just under the search bar and we’ll keep you updated.

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