Teck Metals was one of the first companies to join CVC’s new Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) program, offered in partnership with Evergreen, Peel and others, to help businesses and institutions with outdoor greening projects on their grounds.

The GCG program complements other environmental initiatives currently underway by numerous corporations such as reducing energy consumption. Outdoor greening provides visible, tangible results in a relatively easy manner. The program is available to businesses/institutions in CVC’s jurisdiction in Mississauga and Brampton.

The first planting at Teck Metals took place in the fall of 2009. A group of enthusiastic Teck Metals employees worked with CVC and Evergreen to plant a mix of native trees and shrubs.

This spring, another great group of employees planted two sites. The first included dense trees and shrubs intended as screening and the second is an important addition to last year’s planting, an herbaceous groundcover layer. An herbaceous plant is soft stemmed (or, stems are non woody).

Native trees and shrubs make up two of the three vital layers of a woodland, the canopy and the understory/shrub layer. For a healthy and diverse woodland, a groundcover of native herbaceous plants is also required. Unfortunately, this layer is often overlooked in plantings. Teck Metals planted 150 native ferns and wildflowers throughout its newly wooded area.

The Teck Metals plantings are beautiful and they will help restore the natural heritage of the area, provide habitat, improve storm water management, and reduce maintenance. CVC looks forward to continuing to work with Teck Metals and others to help create a greener future.

Firms or institutions that want to green their grounds, please call CVC at 905-670-1615, ext. 439, or visit our Greening Corporate Grounds page.

(Originally published in June 2010)

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