It Takes a Village: Growing Forests in the Credit River Watershed

Planting a Forest for the Future

There’s an old saying – it takes a village to raise a child. Well, the same is true when nurturing a healthy watershed forest community. Did you know that in the past 60 years private landowners, volunteers, municipalities and local organizations together have planted approximately 6 million trees on more than 5,000 acres in the Credit River watershed?

Why do we need forests?

Since the 1800s when settlers began clearing forests for agriculture, there have been dramatic decreases in forest cover, which in turn threatened the health of the watershed. We decided to improve the situation by planting trees and creating our Reforestation Program.

What are the benefits of forests?

Forests are incredible ecosystems that provide many benefits to both the community and environment. They are home to wildlife such as white-tailed deer, racoons, foxes, salamanders and many bird species such as woodpeckers and warblers. Forests help reduce soil erosion, absorb carbon and improve water and air quality. Forests are wonderful places to explore, enjoy and observe nature. Planting trees on your property has many benefits such as lowering your heating and the cooling costs for your home, providing shelter from the sun and possibly increasing the value of your property.

How can you help nature?

Planting trees on your property helps forests establish more quickly and brings many benefits to the watershed community for future generations.

When planting a forest, it’s important to choose the proper trees. Our forestry experts recommend starting with native trees such as pines, cedars and spruce. These species are chosen for their hardiness and ability to establish quickly. At 25 to 30 years, some management of these coniferous forests is required to keep them healthy. Crowded and diseased trees should be selected for removal. This creates openings in the canopy for hardwood trees like maple and oak to grow. The process to reach a mature forest takes time but it’s well worth the wait.

We makes it easy for you to grow a forest on your property. Landowners with 2.5 acres of land to plant a minimum of 1,500 trees can be eligible for subsidies from the 50 Million Tree Program and grants through our very own Landowner Action Fund. Our expert staff will also plant the trees for you. We do all the work so you don’t have to. Visit or call 416-667-6370 for more information.

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