Do you have what it takes to be a Conservation Hero?

We’re lucky to connect with people in our community who are as inspired by nature as we are.  They share our deep appreciation for the environment and take action to protect it.  We call these people Conservation Heroes!

As Credit Valley Conservation Foundation prepares to kick-off the annual Be a Conservation Hero Campaign we’re reminded that not all heroes wear capes. On this occasion they donned them to encourage you to be a hero too.

Meet our first hero, Mark Whitcombe. He’s lived in Orangeville since 1982, when he moved from the city to work at a nearby outdoor education school. Mark believes conservation is important because we need to protect our natural areas and maintain biodiversity. He knows the benefits nature brings to our communities and to our personal health and well-being. Mark volunteers his time to help Mother Nature and his actions reflect a lifetime of environmental activism. He is an educator, writer, land steward and community leader.

Earlier this month, more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued a global warning urging everyone to make important changes in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  This warning is a strong reminder that more needs to be done. We need more Conservation Heroes!

Being a Conservation Hero is easy. Starting on Giving Tuesday and running until the end of December 2017, you can make a donation to Credit Valley Conservation Foundation.

Your donation directly supports Credit Valley Conservation programs that protect our land, connect the watershed by building the Credit Valley Trail, and support youth engagement and leadership through our Conservation Youth Corps Program.

With your help we can smash through our goal to raise $25,000. Help protect, connect, and sustain the Credit River Watershed. Donate today and become a Conservation Hero!

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