Take Action: Conservation Heroes Needed

Take Action: Conservation Heroes Needed

As Credit Valley Conservation Foundation’s (CVCF) Be a Conservation Hero Campaign leaps into its second week, we can’t help but appreciate the wise words of Peter Parker: With great power, comes great responsibility.

We all have great power over the future. Our Conservation Heroes have already stepped up in a big way to help Mother Nature. They continue to take action because they believe our future is worth the fight. One week into CVCF’s Be a Conservation Hero Campaign and they’ve collected 25 per cent of this year’s goal. But there’s more work to do.

Meet our second Conservation Hero, Andrew Chow. He attended high school in Mississauga and volunteered with our Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) for over three years. He participated in many projects including invasive species removal, tree plantings, monitoring fish populations and harvesting crops for local food banks.

Andrew is a leader. Andrew believes conservation is important because it can connect people with nature. Through his volunteer work, he shared his knowledge of the natural world with his peers. He delivered environmental workshops at his school and volunteered with Riverwood Summer Stewardship, the Horticultural Program and the Garlic Mustard Task Force Program. This Conservation Hero has donated over 325 hours of his time for Mother Nature!

CVCF’s Be a Conservation Hero campaign still has space for you too. Our Foundation is challenging businesses and residents throughout the watershed to be heroes too. They’re looking for 150 supporters to pledge $150 each.

The campaign runs until the end of December. This year’s goal is to raise $25,000. Donations will be collected by CVCF and directly support programs like CYC, where students like Andrew can learn, give back and help keep our air, land and water stay healthy. Be a hero – visit www.cvcfoundation.ca/BeAConservationHero.

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