Last month our CVC Water staff got a bird’s-eye view of the watershed through helicopter video surveillance of the Credit River. The flight followed the path of the river from Lake Ontario to Orangeville so CVC could examine and videotape ice coverage and woody debris within the river.

The project is an added initiative we have untaken this year to give municipalities on-going updates about ice jams and ice break-up conditions, and to assess woody debris accumulation in the Credit. The combination of debris from last December’s record ice storm with one of the coldest winters in 50 years led us to want to ensure our municipalities have a complete picture of river conditions ahead of this year’s spring thaw.

The aerial survey produced valuable insight. Between the low altitude of the helicopter flight and the expertise of a professional videographer, the survey provides a different perspective of the river and its many features. In particular, it clearly shows how the extent of ice coverage changes as the river widens and narrows along its meandering path.

CVC has shared the videos with our municipal partners so they can better understand conditions along the river within their own municipalities. Data collected will also serve as background information for a river ice study we plan to conduct later this year.

Watch the video for your own bird’s eye view of surveillance video at the mouth of the Credit River.

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