-Article by CVC’s Kelisa Shamoo

Winter has taken a toll on almost everyone it seems. Cold, icy days followed by long, windy nights have given way to one too many conversations about the wild Canadian weather. Nevertheless, our education team here at CVC made the most of the snowy weather by leading educational snowshoe hikes throughout the winter months.

On Wednesday, February 26, CVC staff were accompanied by 32 grade ten students from Iroquois Ridge High School in Oakville. Two of our Education Technicians strapped up and took the students for a guided tour through Terra Cotta’s breathtaking forests. Though at first apprehensive about outdoor activity in such nippy weather, the students soon warmed up to snowshoeing. They learned the history of this resourceful method of transportation and got to experience it for themselves.

Snowshoes, perfected over thousands of years by Canada’s First Nations, have long been an effective mode of transportation in the winter. Cleverly engineered in the shape of a leaf, the Huron snowshoe is efficient because it spreads body weight evenly over the snow and reduces drag. Snowshoers do not need to worry about sinking into the snow and they can efficiently cover large distances.

The students took in the awe-inspiring scenery of the trail. The forest floor, blanketed with a light sheet of snow from the night before, showed the movement of animals in the area. Deer tracks and rabbit tracks littered the trail.

Snowshoeing is just one of the many exciting outdoor activities that we offer at Terra Cotta. Look for our annual Sweet Taste of Spring maple syrup event held at Terra Cotta on March 22 and 23. For more details on this and other upcoming events, be sure to visit our events calendar.

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