The 10th annual Island Lake Bass Derby that ran on July 14 and 15 was our most attended derby to date. In total 265 participants took part for a chance to win more than $6200 in prizes. The fishing was particularly amazing on Saturday, with 110 fish weighed in.

The two-day catch and release derby brought many first-time and experienced anglers to the park. The derby was open to everyone, with special kids’ categories to help encourage fishing at all ages. Our goal is to promote fishing at Island Lake and raise money for projects around the park.

Categories included big catch prizes for the top 10 bass, as well as special categories for the top pike, perch and crappie. As part of the 10th anniversary celebration, participants could catch one of 10 tagged fish and win $100. This year’s leader board saw the biggest bass caught to date at any of our derbies at a whopping 5.52 lbs and 19.9″, and 3 bass weighing in at over 5 lbs.

From left: Chris Elms and 1st Place Bass Winner Anthony Hakim
From left: Chris Elms and 1st Place Bass Winner Anthony Hakim
Waldo Brozo's 5th place bass weighing 4.6lbs
Waldo Brozo’s 5th place bass weighing 4.6lbs

Leader Board


  • 1st place Bass: Score 3015 (5.52lb, 19.9”) Anthony Hakim – Biggest bass caught to date at any of our derbies!
  • 2nd place Bass: Score 3011 (5.48lb, 20.5”) Shane Fernandez
  • 3rd place Bass: Score 2760 (4.93lb, 20.5”) Nick Cole
  • 4th place Bass: Score 2755 (4.99lb, 19”) Nuno Vieira
  • 5th place Bass: Score 2578 (4.6lb, 19.2”) Waldo Brozo
  • 6th place Bass: Score 2571 (4.58lb, 19.3”) Enriko Regudo
  • 7th place Bass: Score 2491 (4.4lb, 18.9”) Joe Turk
  • 8th place Bass: Score 2421 (4.29lb, 18.6”) Tanner Key
  • 9th place Bass: Score 2392 (4.22lb, 17.8”) Taylor Hartley
  • 10th place Bass: Score 2304 (4lb, 19”) Garrett Brown


  • 1st place Pike: Score 2857 (4.6lb, 29.8”) Matt Sky
  • 1st place Crappie: Score 643 (0.8lb, 11.5”) Maricio Pereyra
  • 1st place Perch: Score 258 (0.2lb, 7.4”) Matthew Mitchell


  • 1st place Bass: Score 493 (0.5lb, 10”)
  • 1st place Pike: Score 1722 (2.5lb, 23.7”)
  • 1st place Perch: Score 448 (0.4lb, 9.8”)
  • 1st place Crappie: Score 188 (0.1lb, 6.2”)
  • 1st place Pumpkin-Seed: Score 392 (0.4lb, 8.4”)
  • 1st place Rock Bass: Score 494 (0.6lb, 9.2”)


  • 1st place Perch: Score 264 (0.2lb, 7.6”)
  • 1st place Crappie: Score 278 (0.2lb, 7.8”)
  • 1st place Pumpkin-Seed: Score 468 (0.6lb, 8.6”)
  • 1st place Rock Bass: Score 403 (0.4lb, 8.4”)

Following the derby, everyone enjoyed Islandpalooza, an after party celebration with live music, food and a beer garden at the waterfront amphitheater. We want to extend a big thank you to our local sponsors, including our lead sponsor Country 105. The event was hosted in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), Credit Valley Conservation Foundation (CVCF) and the Friends of Island Lake (FOIL) as an annual fundraiser for Island Lake Conservation Area projects.

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