Proud Moments in 2017

Our CAO, Deb Martin-Downs, talks about Credit Valley Conservation’s 2017 accomplishments.

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  • Katheryn says:

    Some sense of improvement to the watershed – protecting natural heritage and water quality through permitting, monitoring, enforcement, and stewardship – might have been nice.

  • Paul Newall says:

    More needs to be done to protect the natural environment. Yes, it is important to encourage folks to learn more about the environment. However, its equally important that we ensure the environment has the capacity to respond to, and adapt to the very evident and increasing pressures of urban development, aggregate extraction, waste water and storm water management, climate change and recreational use. The CVCs own data shows the watershed is “engineered” from Brampton on down. The upper watershed is the last hurrah! Now is the time to focus on protecting this last remanent of the watershed for future generations. Happy trails and weddings should not be the priorities. Please stop the fiddling! Rome is burning!

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