The possibilities are endless when a community of environmental stewards gets together to make a difference. This past Sunday, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), the David Suzuki Foundation and RONA held a community tree planting for local volunteers on the grounds of Mississauga’s Solel Congregation Synagogue. The event was part of a push to restore urban green space throughout Peel Region. One tree a time – we’re making it happen.

Local residents of all ages and faiths came out to celebrate the fantastic fall weather. Together they planted over 200 native shrubs, trees, wildflowers and herbs. Each plant contributes to our health and wellness by improving our air and water, and providing homes for wildlife.

The simple act of planting a tree is a transformative experience. It creates a deep awareness and appreciation for all the trees, shrubs and natural areas around us. It connects individuals and communities to the land and fosters pride for their neighbourhood. It’s a rewarding experience and a positive contribution to the community.

Planting Trees at Mississauga's Solel Congregation Synagogue

The tree planting coincided with the Jewish festival of Sukkot, which involves all things outdoors, including religious observances, meals and for some, sleeping outdoors in special cabins known as sukkahs. Mississauga’s Solel Congregation recently partnered with CVC through its Greening Corporate Grounds program in an effort to naturalize part of its grounds.

The tree planting was part of RONA’s Urban Reforestation project, a joint David Suzuki Foundation-RONA program that has helped plant thousands of trees, shrubs and wildflowers in the Credit River watershed in the western GTA and in Montreal’s Greenbelt region. In 2012, this project supported urban reforestation in the soon-to-be Rouge National Urban Park in eastern GTA. To date, RONA has invested over $300,000 in support of the program. To learn more, visit:

About RONA: RONA is a Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation and gardening products. The Corporation operates a network of over 800 corporate, franchise and affiliate retail stores of various sizes and formats under different banners, and a network of 14 hardware and construction materials distribution centres. With close to 28,000 employees, the RONA store network generates consolidated revenues of $4.9 billion. For more information, visit

About the David Suzuki Foundation: The David Suzuki Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding solutions for living within the limits of nature and mobilizing Canadians to make their communities healthy and green.

About Mississauga’s Solel Congregation: Mississauga ‘s Solel Congregation is a Reform Jewish community founded in 1973, with a current membership of over 300 families. The congregation is led by Rabbi Lawrence Englander, a recipient of the Order of Canada, and offers a friendly, warm and supportive environment in which Jews and non-Jewish family and friends celebrate the richness and beauty of Jewish life.

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