By CVC’s Dorothy Di Berto, Senior Planner, Planning & Development Services

When we hear the words ‘customer service’ we tend to think of our experiences shopping in retail stores, getting our car serviced or spending hours on the phone with our local internet provider. Rarely does the idea of government agency come to mind. Well, did you know that CVC’s Planning and Development Service department has introduced a new Customer Service and Streamlining Action Plan?

The action plan demonstrates our continued commitment to customer service excellence to our watershed residents and stakeholders. It’s consistent with both CVC’s Customer Service Charter and Conservation Ontario’s Client Service Streamlining Initiative.

What is the Action Plan?

The Customer Service and Streamlining Action Plan identifies three core themes:

  • Improve Client Service and Accountability
  • Increase Speed of Approvals
  • Reduce Red Tape and Regulatory Burden

The action plan outlines short (2019), medium (2020) and long (2020 and beyond) term actions to meet client centric and core theme goals.

How are we Improving Client Service and Accountability?

We’re committed to improving our client service and accountability. We’re refining our online regulation mapping, updating service agreements with partner municipalities, reviewing and improving our checklists and guidelines and exploring open data opportunities for information sharing.

Why Increase Speed of Approvals?

No one likes waiting. Whether it be for the pizza to arrive or the traffic to move. This is especially true for permits and development approvals, where time is money and efficiency is valued. We’re focused on streamlining our application review process and introducing case facilitation to respond efficiently if issues arise.

Why Reduce Red Tape and Regulatory Burden?

Why not? Government agencies should not be seen as the ‘bad guy’ and we couldn’t agree more. We’re here to help you achieve your vision while keeping environmental protection in mind – for everyone’s benefit. We’re dedicated to working with you to find solutions.  Service delivery, cost recovery, policy alignment and performance evaluation are our top priorities. If you’ve applied for a permit let us know how we did. Fill out our customer service survey.

Learn more about CVC’s Planning and Development Customer Service and Streamlining Action Plan at

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