Partnerships are routine in business. Organizations combine resources for mutual benefit. Rona and the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) joined forces to reforest urban communities across Canada, including communities here – in the Credit River watershed.

Over the last two years Rona and DSF donated approximately $60,000 to CVC for native trees, shrubs and wildflowers that were planted by our dedicated volunteers. Trees and wildflowers provide habitat for animals and the act of planting connects people with nature.

For example, over 600 students from Fletcher’s Creek Middle School had a positive impact on their local environment thanks to a DSF/Rona-funded milkweed planting event. Milkweed provides habitat for migrating monarch butterflies. Students learned about the issues affecting monarchs and were given the tools to take action.

This year 5,311 wildflowers and 863 trees and shrubs were planted thanks to generous support from DSF and Rona. Over 1,060 people volunteered in eight events, contributing approximately 1,630 hours of time. If you’ve ever watched a marathon of your favourite TV show then you know that’s a lot of hours!

In addition to community plantings, funding also benefits many CVC programs including Your Green Yard, Greening Corporate Grounds and the Leaders for Clean Water Program.

When it comes to restoring nature, the old adage is true: many hands make light work. Never underestimate the power of combined effort from organizations that care about the environment.

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