A Paradise for Grassland Birds

Environmental health is a top priority for CVC and landowners across the Credit River watershed.

Shane Baghai, owner of Paradise Farms in Caledon, is dedicated to protecting water quality and wildlife habitat. His actions prove it.

In 2008, Shane bought 200 acres of rural land in Caledon. He began raising angus, Scottish highland and waygu cattle to support local food and farmland. Shane recently opened three Prime Beef Bistros in Caledon, Erin and Toronto. He believes it’s important to minimize the distance food travels from producer to consumer.

In 2014, Shane went further. He committed to improving local wildlife habitat by purchasing Bird-Friendly Certified Hay grown by a neighbouring farm. Bird-Friendly Certified Hay fields allow threatened grassland birds such as bobolink and eastern meadowlark to finish their breeding and nesting cycles before the hay is cut.

During this first year of the program, eight farmers grew 143 acres of Bird-Friendly Certified Hay, providing habitat for at least 78 bobolink and eastern meadowlark in the watershed. Shane consciously purchased this late-cut hay. Shane explained, “When I buy Bird-Friendly Certified Hay it’s my way of contributing to bird sanctuaries and it’s good for my business. It adds to my farm’s credibility and my cattle enjoy the hay.”

Are you a hay grower, hay purchaser or landowner with land for growing Bird-Friendly Certified Hay? Register today for information sessions taking place on March 2 and March 5, 2015.

For more information call 905-670-1615 ext. 430 or email CVC’s Mark Eastman at [email protected].

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