How CVC’s Lands Monitoring Program Serves Visitors Better

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) owns and manages over 60 properties throughout the Credit River Watershed.  Part of CVC’s role as a responsible land manager is to understand how the public utilizes conservation areas.  Implementation of… Continue Reading

Well & Septic Social (Part 2)

Drinking Water Well Protection Well engineer Chris Gerrits from Gerrits Drilling and Engineering spoke about proper well care and maintenance.  He demonstrated how wells work and their connection to the underground aquifers from which they… Continue Reading

Well & Septic Social (Part 1)

Do you know when your septic system was last pumped, when your well water was last tested or whether your well casing has ever been inspected? Rural household essentials like wells and septic systems require… Continue Reading

Gain Practical Environmental Experience at Check Your Watershed Day

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) invites everyone to get their feet wet and learn more about the Credit River Watershed by helping with a stream survey during Check Your Watershed Day on Saturday, July 21. Check… Continue Reading

Discover Reel Fun at the Lake Aquitaine Family Fishing Day

New and experienced anglers can learn about fishing, conservation projects and fly tying at the annual Lake Aquitaine Family Fishing Day on Saturday, July 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The first 100 children… Continue Reading

Brampton High School Recognized for Environmental Leadership

Brampton’s David Suzuki Secondary School (DSSS) received national, provincial and local recognition for its ecological landscaping initiative. The school was recognized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Habitat 2020 program, Eco Canada’s Green High School program… Continue Reading

Celebrate Everything Outdoors at Terra Cotta

Everything you wanted to know about bugs, birds, frogs, fish and a lesson on camping is all wrapped into one fun-filled and informative day when Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) presents “Everything Outdoors at Terra Cotta”… Continue Reading

How to Spot Invasive Giant Hogweed from its Native Cousin

At this time of year, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) receives many calls about possible giant hogweed sightings. The majority of these sightings turn out to be cow parsnip, a native relative of the noxious weed…. Continue Reading

Staying Ahead of the Storm with Low Impact Development

The Greater Toronto Area has experienced three 100-year storms and five 50-year storms in the last eight years. In built-up urban areas, rain water runs off paved streets, driveways and parking lots; flooding and erosion… Continue Reading

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