In 2014 we started a strategic planning process to guide the future of our watershed and our organization. In December, our strategic plan was approved by our Board of Directors and now we’re very excited to share it with our valued partners.

We named the plan Our Future to Shape. It outlines our vision, mission and values. Eight goals with associated outcomes and directions will guide us for the next five years and into the future.

This plan is the result of extensive employee, stakeholder and community consultation. It takes a collaborative approach that aligns with the strategic directions of our federal, provincial, municipalities and community partners. The spirit of partnership-building and collaboration that led to our creation in 1954 is even stronger today. Working together, we will achieve our shared vision:

A thriving environment that protects, connects and sustains us.

Our collaborative work has led to social and economic benefits for all communities. We look forward to building on this work, understanding that changing realities present new opportunities to restore and enhance our environment for future generations.

Together it is our nature to conserve and our future to shape.

View the plan: Our Future to Shape: Strategic plan 2015-2019

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