New Reservation System coming to our Parks this Fall

Cheltenham Badlands

As the season changes from Summer to Fall, we’re making big changes at some of our parks. We’re reopening Belfountain Conservation Area on September 1 and the Cheltenham Badlands the following week, but it won’t be business as usual. We’re introducing a mandatory reservation system to manage daily visitation.

These parks have always been popular destinations for visitors from across the GTA. Changes at Belfountain Conservation Area and the Cheltenham Badlands are necessary in order to keep everyone safe while enjoying each park. Our staff have been working hard to get our new system in place just in time for Fall colours, which is a huge draw for people looking to get outside and explore.

Entry by Reservation only

Beginning in early September, entry to Belfountain Conservation Area and the Cheltenham Badlands is permitted by reservation only. Under the new reservation system visitors will be able to book a date and time to visit each property during regular hours of operation. This will allow us to limit the number of people who can enter the property and create the conditions needed for physical distancing.

Our online reservation system will open on September 1 for Belfountain Conservation Area and the following week for Cheltenham Badlands. As we open these parks, there will be limited availability per time slot. Book your reservation before you leave home to ensure we have space available. Those that show up at the park without a reservation will be turned away.

More information will be available at starting September 1.

Changes at the park

CVC has also put additional measures in place at all CVC parks to help keep everyone safe. We’re limiting the overall capacity at each park and the number of people in our washrooms, encouraging one-way travel on infrastructure and some trails and asking visitors to yield to oncoming trail users so everyone can continue to practice safe physical distancing.

We’re committed to reopening Belfountain Conservation Area and the Cheltenham Badlands safely for visitors to enjoy once again. For more information about our parks, visit

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  1. Thank you for allowing us to continue to enjoy these special areas, especially during the beautiful autumn season, while doing your best to keep us safe.

  2. Reservation fees: Cost seems excessive considering the small 2 hour time slot($17.70 per vehicle for only two hours). Also, cost is very high for seniors who may only come as single or couple. Perhaps the time slot could be increased to three or four hours depending on the number of people making reservations?? Do think limiting the number of people in the park will reduce the environmental impact. W.W.

    1. Hi Saim, thanks for your comment. Our new reservation system means we know the number of people in these parks at any given time. This allows us to create the conditions needed for safe physical distancing. This system will offer other benefits, like allowing you to choose the best time to visit before you show up. You can avoid the frustration of arriving to a park and being turned away because it is already at capacity. This system will also allow CVC to improve the visitor experience and create a more efficient, enjoyable and sustainable approach to park management.

  3. I am a CVC Parks member and I have tried to register for an account but it doesn’t appear to be working. As I wait for my password reset link to be sent, the available slots are filling up! Please help. Why couldn’t you have made our login number our card number?!?

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