I’m Lauren Bannerman-Maxwell. I was lucky enough to spend the week of July 13 volunteering with CVC’s Conservation Youth Corps (CYC). It was an exciting, educational and rewarding experience.

On our first day, our CYC crew planted 150 trees, creating new habitat for local wildlife.  I love knowing that for years to come, I can visit the trees that I planted with just my bare hands and a shovel.

We then visited the local Iceland gardens and harvested over 50 lbs of fresh produce, which we sent to Eden Food Bank.

CYC Food Harvest

I learned how I can make a difference to the environment. Small steps make a big difference long-term. For example, being conscious of water consumption or learning about invasive species and how we can protect our land for the future.

Every day with CYC was something new. Fun experiences were never hard to find. On my last day our CYC crew was invited to a presentation on sea lampreys, an invasive aquatic species. At the end of the presentation we were allowed to hold the slimy creatures. Lucky for us, they don’t eat people!

The CYC crew was made up of high school age volunteers. We really bonded through our volunteer work. Our amazing CYC Crew Leader was knowledgeable, friendly and a great motivator. Sure, the work was hard but the feeling of satisfaction was worth it. I highly recommend CYC to anyone who wants to earn volunteer hours, make a positive impact on the environment and have fun while doing it.

Check out our Conservation Youth Corps program to learn how you can get involved.

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