Let’s Celebrate! Two Years of Neighbourhood Action in Fletchers Creek SNAP

Let’s Celebrate! Two Years of Neighbourhood Action in Fletchers Creek SNAP

We’re wrapping up the second year of neighbourhood action in our first SNAP project – Fletchers Creek Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP).

CVC staff maintained the Glendale Rain Garden this past summer.

The Fletchers Creek SNAP is an action-oriented plan. It advances watershed priorities, Brampton 2040 Vision and the Grow Green Environmental Master Plan at a neighbourhood scale. It also helps the community become more environmentally sustainable and resilient to the impacts of climate change. The plan was endorsed by Brampton City Council and our Board of Directors in 2019.

Neighbourhood residents joined representatives from CVC, City of Brampton and County Court Neighbourhood Association for a virtual training session.

Neighbourhood Action in 2020

Even with the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, together we accomplished a lot with local residents and partners. Let’s look back on what we achieved:

  • Residents started the Northwood Park Neighbourhood Association after participating in CVC and City of Brampton’s virtual Neighbourhood Association Training.
  • 81 residents participated in four sustainable landscaping and gardening webinars hosted by CVC’s Your Green Yard program.
  • 25 community members participated in a physically distant tree planting event. We planted 130 native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to help restore Fletchers Creek and grow the urban forest in Chris Gibson Park. CVC staff also monitored, watered and stewarded natural areas in Chris Gibson Park where trees were planted by the community in 2019.
  • This summer, CVC staff maintained the Glendale Public School rain garden. They planted 279 new native plants and pulled weeds filling 10 yard waste bags.
  • Construction is almost complete on a new bioswale along Haggert Avenue, where 17 new large trees were added. The bioswale will help to slow down and filter stormwater while adding beauty and biodiversity.
  • Neighbourhood residents participated in participated in Park People’s workshop in Brampton on ‘Creating a Park Tree Care Team’.
  • Participants joined our annual Butterfly Blitz, the summer-long citizen science program that helped create a watershed-wide inventory of butterflies.

We want to thank everyone who participated and continues to support these neighbourhood projects.

Newly planted trees along the Haggert Avenue bioswale.

We’re planning more exciting neighbourhood initiatives for 2021. This transformative work is only possible with the support and collaboration of local residents, schools, businesses and community groups.

Residents plant trees with Councillor Santos and CVC staff during a physically distanced community event.

Stay Connected

Community members are encouraged to sign-up for Fletchers Creek Neighbourhood News to stay up-to-date on activities and events in the neighbourhood.

Learn more at cvc.ca/snap.

By CVC’s Tooba Shakeel, Senior Coordinator, Sustainable Neighbourhoods

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