Learn to care for forests, wetlands and streams

What sounds do you hear in thriving forests, wetlands and streams?

There’s the sound of a blue jay calling an alarm when it spots a nearby predator. There’s the rattling call of a kingfisher as it flies by. Maybe it’s the splash of a brook trout surfacing to feed.

Calls, and cries, and croaks are sounds you hear when natural features such as forests, wetlands and streams are healthy and thriving.

If you’re a rural landowner, you have a critical role to play in keeping natural features such as forests, wetlands and streams healthy on your own properties, and CVC can help you.

We offer a suite of subsidized habitat restoration services that will help you help nature. Our knowledgeable staff can create customized plans for your property, based on your goals and needs of the local environment. And we’ll do the work for you.

Join us on March 2 at Terra Cotta Conservation Area for our FREE Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration Services Showcase. We’ll share examples of environmental restoration projects in your community and share how we can help you:

  • Plant trees and manage forests
  • Save property taxes through the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program
  • Control invasive plants
  • Improve wetlands and streams
  • Restore grasslands
  • Install habitat structures
  • Access project funding

Register by February 28 to reserve your spot.

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