Lakeview Ask a Designer Night

The Lakeview Road Revitalization project in Mississauga has come a long way since it began in 2009. On this “Green Street” project, rain gardens and permeable driveways replace planned traditional curb-and-gutters to treat rainfall and urban runoff where it falls. These low impact development (or LID) practices manage stormwater and filter out pollutants that would otherwise enter Cooksville Creek and Lake Ontario.

This year, homeowners take over maintaining their rain gardens and driveways from the contractors who have done it since construction ended in 2012. On May 8th, members of CVC’s Water team and the City of Mississauga welcomed 15 interested homeowners to “Ask a Designer Night” in the neighbourhood.

During the evening, Councillor Jim Tovey and Lakeview project manager Dagmar Breuer shared their experiences leading the project. CVC staff offered simple maintenance tips and demonstrations to help homeowners keep their rain gardens and permeable drives looking great.. Those interested attended a personal consultation at their own home led by design expert Sean James, whose work has been featured on HGTV and City TV, and Chris Denich, design engineer on the Lakeview project and expert stormwater landscape designer.

The night was a great success. Homeowners took turns visiting their properties with the designers for information and advice. In between they asked questions and shared stories with CVC staff and each other. Everyone left with factsheets about maintaining their rain gardens and permable drives, and how to identify the plants in their rain gardens.

Click here  for more information on the Lakeview Road Revitalization project.

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