Jefferson Salamander: Movin’ on up to Belfountain

The Niagara Escarpment is a uniquely beautiful area stretching across Southern Ontario. It’s known  for its diverse landscape of waterfalls, hills, cliffs, recreational trails, rivers, beaches, cities, hamlets and farms.

Among the Escarpment’s great treasures are species of birds, fish, reptiles, mammals and plants that make up an incredible ecosystem. It’s widely known as the most diverse region in the province.

One of the Escarpment’s many residents is the Jefferson salamander, an amphibian protected under the Endangered Species Act 2007. Only a few hundred are left in Ontario.

Your best chance of spotting these illusive little creatures is during early spring when they are on the move to woodland ponds to breed. Since they are nocturnal (mostly active at night), most of us never get the chance to see them … until now!

Belfountain’s Annual Salamander Festival, on Saturday, September 27, features the Jefferson salamander. Join the community to celebrate all things environmental and pay homage to this little fellow. The Jefferson salamander is native to the area and will be on display at Belfountain Conservation Area.

Bring the family to this fun community event and see the beauty of this important amphibian. For more information visit

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