Inspired to share our 2017 Annual Report

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We’ve proudly launched Credit Valley Conservation’s electronic 2017 Annual Report.

Check out the link and browse on screen to read our stories, expand photos, follow links and explore some of our greatest accomplishments last year.

2017 was another ambitious, successful year for CVC. Now halfway through our 2015 – 2019 strategic plan, we’re well on our way to achieving many of the goals we set for ourselves and advancing on the others.

Scroll and click your way through the report‎. Learn how we continued working with partners to address big environmental challenges – from helping relieve some effects of climate change by planting more trees, to tackling growing urbanization by naturally managing stormwater.

Explore successes such as an updated Conservation Authorities Act, opening a covered amphitheater at Island Lake Conservation Area and our Board’s approval of the legacy Credit Valley Trail Strategy.

Please let us know what you think of the report. We’re always excited to learn what others want to know more about when it comes to protecting, preserving and being healthy in nature along the Credit River.

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