IMAX Parking Lot Innovation

CVC started construction earlier this month on another low impact development project, this time at IMAX headquarters in Mississauga.

The renovated parking lot at IMAX will incorporate many innovative stormwater management technologies to collect and filter out pollutants from stormwater runoff before it flows into Sheridan Creek.  This means cleaner water eventually flowing to Lake Ontario, the source of drinking water for 8 million people. These technologies will also lessen runoff entering the municipal storm system to help reduce overload and flooding during extreme weather events.

The most significant technologies at the IMAX site include:

  • Bioswales as landscaped grass or floral rain gardens that absorb and release rain water slowly, filtering out pollutants.
  • Industrial water filters that remove pollutants and slowly release rain water before it travels to the municipal storm system on its way to Sheridan Creek.
  • Permeable pavers which are specially-designed paver stones with spacing bars that create gaps for water to infiltrate into engineered soil.  Permeable paving systems allow rainwater to drain away from the surface, preventing it from rushing into municipal storm systems and extending the life of the pavement by eliminating potholes and other deterioration.

The pictures below show steps in construction from October 26th through Nov 12th. If you would like to see more, follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook. If you would like more information on this site, or any of our other projects, please visit

Oct. 26th 2012 – Excavation of asphalt in permeable paver area.

Nov. 6th 2012 – Monitoring under drains installed in permeable paver section of parking lot with ¾” clear stone placed on top.

Nov. 7th 2012 – Monitoring well installed adjacent to permeable lot to monitor bentonite section along with impermeable bentonite layer in southeast corner of parking lot.

Nov 8th 2012 – Bentonite layer installed and clear stone laid-out in bentonite section. Geogrid layer is red and bentonite layer is white.

Nov 9th 2012 – Geogrid and clear stone finished in clear stone section of permeable paver area.

Nov 12th 2012 – Granular O and ¾” Clear Stone laid down prior to installation of permeable pavers.

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