Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) owns and manages over 60 properties throughout the Credit River Watershed.  Part of CVC’s role as a responsible land manager is to understand how the public utilizes conservation areas.  Implementation of the Lands Monitoring Program is intended to serve this purpose.   It is a program designed to monitor and measure public use and it is essential so future trends, impacts and maintenance needs can be anticipated.

Throughout the summer of 2012, CVC staff will be collecting a variety of visitor-related information, including:

  • Visitor information surveys (online)
  • Automated trail counts
  • Postal code collection
  • Property conditions and impacts

Collection and analysis of visitor information is important for CVC to understand who uses these conservation areas. We gain important insights by collecting data that tells us the story behind the “who, what, when, where and why” of visitor experiences.  This information is used to support informed decision making.

This graph was produced by data collected through the Automated Counter Program. It illustrates visitation by day of the week on the Vicki Barron Trail at Island Lake Conservation Area.

Visitor-related data supports a variety of projects and provides information that is essential for:

  • Determining visitor needs and enhancing customer service
  • Anticipating maintenance and operational schedules
  • Monitoring changes in CVC’s visitor base
  • Marketing and promotional initiatives
  • Effective land management and programming strategies.

If you happen to be at a CVC property this summer and are asked for your postal code or to participate in a survey, please know the information you provide is supporting your local conservation area.  CVC appreciates the opinions and viewpoints of all visitors and all information is kept anonymous.   For more information about CVC’s Lands Monitoring Program, please contact Victoria Edwards at [email protected] or 905-670-1615, ext. 519.

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