Last month CVC staff identified a new aquatic invasive species at Island Lake Conservation Area.  The species is known as the Banded Mystery Snail and this was the first recorded sighting in the watershed to date.

This invasive species is suspected to harm native snails and lab studies found it may prey on fish larvae, reducing survival rates.

How did the Banded Mystery Snail find its way into the watershed?  It could have been introduced through contaminated bait buckets or boating equipment. Another possibility might have been through dumping an aquarium or emptying a garden pond.  Either way, it’s likely been atIslandLakefor some time.

Rod Krick, CVC’s natural heritage ecologist, reminds us how important it is to always be vigilant about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species.  “The best way to prevent the spread of invasive species is to be careful not to introduce them in the first place.”

Here are some easy steps to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species:

  • Do not dump baitfish, crayfish or unwanted pets in natural water bodies
  • Clean all equipment before moving between water bodies or natural areas so invasive species can’t ‘hitch a ride’.

To learn more visit: CVC’s Invasive Species Program.

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