According to last week’s census report, Canada’s population currently sits at 35.15 million, five per cent higher than the 33.5 million reported in the 2011 census report. This is the highest rate of growth among G7 countries. Ontario’s population sits at 13.4 million, an increase of 4.6 per cent from 2011. Brampton was among the fastest growing municipalities, with a whopping 13.3 per cent population increase since the 2011 census. Brampton is the second fastest growing community among Canada’s largest 25 cities. This growth has great economic advantages for the people who live, work and play in the Credit River watershed.

It underscores the importance of nearby natural spaces to our thriving communities. Natural spaces impact our personal development and the environment. One of our core functions at Credit Valley Conservation is to acquire and secure natural areas in the Credit River watershed to protect them in perpetuity.

Here are just four reasons why natural spaces, like our conservation areas, are so important and why we need to protect them as our communities continue to grow.

  1. Wildlife Habitat
    Imagine waking up and your home is gone. What would you do? Where would you go? As cities grow, our natural spaces become more and more important for the rare habitat they offer local wildlife. They’re also a great way to teach residents about the local environment.
  2. Stormwater Management
    Unpredictable weather is part of life in Ontario, and climate change makes it even more so. With extreme weather patterns on the rise, protecting green space also means protecting our wallets. Natural spaces and floodplains absorb stormwater during typical and extreme storms. This reduces insurance claims from flooding and puts less stress on our built stormwater infrastructure.
  3. Connect with Nature
    Conservation areas are places of tranquil respite from bustling urban centres. Physical health and strong relationships are at the core of mental health. Conservation areas allow us to indulge in healthy activities outside, whether it’s playing sports, hiking through trails or yoga in the park.
  4. Clean Air
    More people means more cars. Air pollution is an environmental health risk that causes chronic and acute health conditions. Trees remove pollutants from the air. They save our lives, so we should try and save theirs.

These are just a few reasons why protecting natural space is important. Find out what our conservation areas have to offer.

Read more about the new census report.

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