Record rainfall in Canada this summer has devastated homeowners, crippled businesses and caused millions of dollars in damage. This is forcing government and industry professionals to seek solutions and update plans for changes to aging infrastructure in order to better manage the effects of extreme weather.

On Wednesday June 19th, CVC toured special green streets and parking lots in Mississauga to get some answers. Guests saw where low impact development (LID) practices manage urban runoff and stormwater on site, helping to filter pollutants before they enter Lake Ontario. The interactive event gave participants a front row seat to in-ground LID practices. They learned about critical monitoring data and discussed challenges, successes and benefits of implementing LID.

First stop on the bus tour featured engineering consultants discussing their findings to-date on performance of a permeable pavement and bioretention planter system (or special rain gardens) retrofitted on Elm Drive. Participants learned that runoff for rain events up to 25mm is being managed on site, important because 90 per cent of rainfall at the site is within this 25mm threshold.

The next stop was the Lakeview neighbourhood in Mississauga, where portions of 1st and 3rd Streets have been retrofitted with residential rain gardens within the road right-of-way. Guest speakers discussed some key lessons learned from installing LID retrofits in an older residential neighborhood.

Two other stops on the tour included Lakeside Park with green roof washroom facilities, pervious overflow parking and rainwater harvesting as well as IMAX Corporation which recently expanded its head office parking lot to incorporate LID features.

The tour included an afternoon discussion of the importance of results from CVC’s monitoring program. Data collected from these sites will help determine maintenance requirements and life-cycle costs of LID features, crucial information to encourage wide-scale adoption of LID in Ontario.

The bus tour generated so much interest and attention that a second tour is planned for September 24th. Tickets and registration information are available at

Seating is limited, so register today!

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