Planting a garden is often a spring activity but fall is just as good a time to get your hands dirty. Last week CVC joined students at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School in Mississauga to build a rain garden.

Rain gardens are landscape features that replace an area of lawn where rainwater collects when it runs off your grass, roof or driveway. The rain garden planted at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School uses Fusion Landscaping, an innovative landscaping practice that connects our knowledge of nature with actions to manage stormwater runoff.

Before installation of the Fusion rain garden at Allan A. Martin Senior PS

At the school, stormwater travels off the roof through downspouts that lead to swales, shallow channels with gently sloped sides that send the water into the raingarden. Rainwater settles and cools in the garden before it slowly absorbs into the ground.

This Fusion rain garden also features pollinator gardens around its edges. Here native, drought-tolerant plants will help create food and habitat for important pollinators, including monarch butterflies.

While CVC led this project, students are doing the heavy lifting. Members of the Eco Club joined their peers to get down and dirty while learning about soil science, hydrology, water resources, climate change and landscape design.

Fusion Landscaping blends traditional and modern elements to create colourful, stylish gardens. This particular fusion rain garden was designed by Mike Prong from Fern Ridge Eco Landscaping Inc.

Students from Allan A. Martin Senior PS building their Fusion rain garden; photo courtesy of Ms. A Hardy (Twitter @Mizzardy)

Mike is a Fusion Landscaping Professional who received his certification through the Fusion Landscaping Professional Program. This joint program between the Region of Peel, York Region and Landscape Ontario gives landscape professionals the tools to design beautiful landscape features that also help the environment.

The Fusion Landscaping Profession Program was launched in 2017 and won the Green Cities Conservation Award earlier this year for its innovation and impact in the field of green infrastructure.

If you know a company, organization or individual who is making a significant or noteworthy contribution to the watershed, consider nominating them for a ‘Friends of the Credit’ Conservation Award.  To learn more, visit our Conservation Awards page.

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