For some people, winter is a time for hibernation. But winter is actually a great time to enjoy outdoors with family and friends. A popular outdoor activity is ice fishing. You are probably asking, “What is ice fishing”? Ice fishing involves catching fish with rods and reels through an opening in the ice on a frozen lake. You have to drill holes into the ice to make an opening to get to the water. Then you sit on a stool on a frozen lake or in a heated ice hut to catch fish.

Ice Fishing at Island Lake

Ice fishing is a great winter sport at Island Lake Conservation Area. The popular fish to catch here are northern pike, black crappie and yellow perch.

Ice fishing can be enjoyed by everyone. New at Island Lake this year is an accessible ice hut. There’s a ramp leading into the ice hut, a wider door, a space inside for a wheelchair as well as two small benches. Two holes are drilled in the hut floor and similar to our other huts, there is propane heat.

The good thing about ice fishing is you don’t need to invest in a boat. You can get to spots on Island Lake in winter that you would normally need a boat for in summer.

Come out to our annual Ice Fishing Derby at Island Lake Conservation Area. The fun begins daily from February 1 to 28. Registration is $35, plus daily admission to the conservation area. For more information, visit or call 1-800-367-0890.

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