When Positivity Pays Off

When positivity pays off

Guest blog on fall fishing by Billy the AMFisH guy.

Hi Island Lake visitors, fellow anglers and fishing enthusiasts!  This is more of a positivity-post than anything else. Hopefully, it will spark passions and motivate you. Hard work – at anything – really does pay off!

I have tried many different things throughout my life, and every single one had something to teach me. Some of these things went as well as they could have, while others flat-out failed miserably. Failure is part of the journey, so continue to wake up early and move forward with your goals.  Doing this not only leads to success, but sometimes it allows you to surpass your expectations!

My first passion in life has always been fishing, which is why I do it as often as I can.  Fishing this season has been extremely tough, to say the least. From pop-up storms chasing me off the lakes to extreme heat making fish bites almost non-existent – it was a very challenging year.  Even more challenging was getting out there to target the magnificent musky, which I have been fishing for more frequently over the last several years. I put the time in when the season opened and throughout the cooler summer days to try and catch a fish of a lifetime – and it worked

That moment of hard work paying off…priceless!

After many days with no musky, finally, on Sunday September 10th, success found me!  Just before 6:57 p.m. – after nine grueling hours of paddling and casting – fortune struck.

That never-quit mentality has always been inside of me, and with a fish species like this – named the fish of 10,000 casts for good reason – it was quite clear after my 17,187th cast, that this BEAST had absolutely smashed my bait!  It was a fight like no other, and though I knew it would happen one day this season. But I’ll be honest: after cast 17,185 I wasn’t too optimistic. This goes to show that “one more cast” – a last little bit of effort – can make dreams come true.

Fall fishing can yield and amazing catch, like this monster musky.

Luckily, I got to share this catch with some total strangers who were fishing close by. This made the catch even more special, as they were quite excited to have witnessed the insane, acrobatic several-minute fight. They even offered a helping hand so I could capture some great pictures of this musky. Hats off to all of them for being so nice!

When positivity pays off

Doing what you love has so much to offer not only yourself, but others around you. In my case it was total strangers. We shared a lot of smiles and hand-shakes. Most importantly, we all left with story to take home and share with family and friends.

I will leave you this: put time into what you love regardless of the monetary payoff, as the real payoff will eventually show up at some point. Do what you enjoy and are passionate about, and eventually you’ll chase down your dreams.

The AMFisH guy…Billy

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