Fall Fishing: The Fall Feed has Begun!

Fall fishing can yield and amazing catch, like this monster musky.

Guest blog on fall fishing by Billy the AMFisH guy.

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiasts, Island Lake visitors and fellow AMFisHers! I have been eagerly waiting to write this post for all of you, as fall fishing is my favorite time of year! This post is about the recently begun fall feed, and how you can go about possibly catching the amount of fish you have caught all season long in one day.

As soon as those hot summer days come to an end and we enter into September, the season quickly starts to transition to fall temperatures, which make for a great time to go fishing. I call the next several weeks the early fall feed time for all fish species, as they start to feed more to pack on the extra weight to get through the long winter months under ice.

Hungry fish like bigger bait!

As you may have already seen in previous blog posts, you should gradually increase the size of your baits throughout the season. Now that we are in  September, it’s a great time to “go big” with your baits. Many fish species will go after bigger baits this time of year, as larger fish will sustain them longer between meals. At Island Lake you can be sure that pike, along with largemouth bass, will strike larger baits. Any small fry fish that have survived the spring and summer months will be at their largest right now, meaning that pike and bass will most likely be feeding on larger bait as there may not be too much of the smaller fry left.

If the fish are feeding on larger baits, it only makes sense to use larger baits to catch them. I recommend going up drastically in bait size, for example, using a six to eight inch bait with more of a chunky body style. Increasing to this size will definitely lead to catching more and bigger fish! You can see my first big fall-time fish – an elusive musky. While it wasn’t caught at Island Lake, I managed to land it using the tactics described here, and they’ll work just fine at Island Lake.

Fall fishing can yield and amazing catch, like this monster musky.
Fall fishing can yield amazing results, like this monster musky.

Finding fish during the fall feed is easy, as they will almost be finding you and your bait instead of the other way around. Fish will be roaming in and out of the shallows looking for as much food as they can on a daily basis, so start by working the shorelines of Island Lake heavily. In most cases around this time of year, due to the increased fish feeding activity, your catch ratio can actually double instantly if you pick up on all the signs the fish are giving us.

Take it slow!

One thing to keep in mind during this fall feed is that our overnight temperatures are quite cool, so if you are fishing first thing in the morning you shouldn’t retrieve your baits too quickly. In fact, you should retrieve them slowly, as fish will be will be moving slowly in cooler waters. During the day, dependent on temperature, you can work baits quicker to cover more water, but I usually gravitate to a slow or medium speed retrieve.

Don’t miss out on this fall feed! Pull those bigger baits out and start capitalizing on the feeding frenzy at Island Lake.

I hope you found this blog post helpful…tight fall lines everyone!

The AMFisH guy…Billy

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