October in Terra Cotta always delivers stunning fall colours, and this year’s Fall Festival at Terra Cotta Conservation Area gives you even more reason to visit this lovely village. The festival takes place on all four Saturdays in October (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you like interesting local food, live music and experiencing nature, our Fall Festival is the right event for you.

Aside from the vibrant leaves, a variety of interesting local food trucks are the main attractions at this year’s event. These food trucks don’t just specialize in burgers and hotdogs – each week delivers a different roster of gourmet options, featuring  decadent poutine, pizza from a wood burning stove, delectable Indian food,  perfect pierogis, Venezuelan arepas, gourmet grilled cheese, Asian fusion, skewers, Indian fusion and Italian treats.  For more information on which trucks will be in Terra Cotta on which Saturdays, visit our website.

In addition to the gourmet food offerings, local vendors will be on hand with homemade fishing tackle, savoury pies and soups, products for green living and much more. Activities for kids include wagon rides, face painting, a bouncy castle, mini-pumpkin painting, a photo booth and a straw bale play area. What kid doesn’t like going on a wagon ride through the forest?

Admission is $8 per adult and $5 for children 6-14. Children five and under get in free! Visit our website to purchase tickets through Eventbrite in advance. Tickets pre-purchased online provide entry on all days of the festival (multiple days). Tickets purchased in-person at the gate are only good for that day.

Fall Colours

So, why do leaves change colour in the fall? Well, winter days are shorter and tend to be cold and dry. This means it isn’t worth the effort for trees to keep their leaves throughout the winter, since they need light and water for photosynthesis. When the leaves stop making food, their chlorophyll breaks down.  Chlorophyll allows tree leaves to turn light from the sun into energy, and it is the reason tree leaves are green. After it breaks down, the leaves no longer appear green. Instead, pigments that have been there all along come to the forefront – and we see other colours: yellow, orange, red, brown, etc. The fall colours were always there – we just couldn’t seem them until now.

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