Imagine if you could reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and run your vehicle on nothing more than vegetable oil.

One local company is making this dream a reality. Everpure Biodiesel Cooperative produces environmentally sustainable biodiesel fuel that can be used in diesel cars, trucks, generators, farm equipment and home heating furnaces. The cooperative produces and supplies biodiesel for its members from their Orangeville, Acton, Erin and Guelph filling stations. In addition, Everpure Biodiesel supplies local restaurants with virgin vegetable oil and removes their waste vegetable oil (WVO) to be used as the primary ingredient in biodiesel production process.

“It’s all about locking down the waste vegetable oil supply,” says Everpure’s Local Restaurant Coordinator, David MacDonald, as he presses on with his mission to recruit more local restaurants to provide waste vegetable oil as input to Everpure’s biodiesel production process.

As of this month, his total restaurant count is topping 50 – but he’s not stopping there. MacDonald has now set his sights on the City of Guelph, a sizeable city with plenty of potential. The hope is that later in 2011, up to 60 restaurants will be on board and feeding waste oil into the local fuel cycle for Everpure members.

“This is not a small effort. To supply virgin trans-fat free cooking oil, and collect the waste product from over 50 restaurants, is now a full-time job. Our collection area footprint is growing, and so are our transportation and labour costs,” says MacDonald.

MacDonald has worked out a collection system that works for Everpure and restaurant owners are also pleased to use it. Clean, convenient metal barrels that easily fit in kitchen areas are supplied and swapped on a regular, professional schedule. Testimonials from restaurant owners report that virgin cooking oil improves the taste of food – so customers are happy too.

Get involved! You can help the Everpure Local Fuel Initiative by dining at a participating restaurant, purchasing an Everpure Biodiesel Membership or if you are a restaurant owner, agreeing to purchase your vegetable oil from Everpure Biodiesel. For more information including a list of participating restaurants and membership fees please visit

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