Earth Day is a great opportunity to think about the resources we rely on every day. There’s a good chance you already participate in environmental practices to help fight climate change.  Maybe you carpool to work or turn off lights and appliances when not in use.  Maybe you pack your lunch in reusable containers or participate in local environmental events, such as tree plantings or community clean-ups.  For all of these practices, we (and the environment) thank you!

As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, let’s remember all that we can do to make up for the resources that we take. Here are five simple tips to help you get started:

  1. Take part in a tree planting or community clean-up event. We have several opportunities available.
  2. Take alternate forms of transportation when possible. An average car puts out 8,320 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Making the decision to carpool, take public transit, walk or bike to your destination can make a big difference in the fight against climate change.
  3. If you drive, keep your tires at the right pressure. According to Transport Canada, driving a car with just one under-inflated tire (by just eight psi) can increase fuel consumption by four per cent.
  4. Waste less food. Before you head to the grocery store plan your weekly meals, do an inventory of what you have versus what you need and make a list. This will also save you money!
  5. Pass it on! Share the value of our precious resources with our next generation. Take time to share family environmental practices and get your kids or grand-kids involved. Start early. Recycle together, grow a garden or encourage turning off the lights.

Remember, we need Mother Nature but she will continue with or without us. Check out this message from Conservation International.  Mother Nature is speaking to us, so let’s listen to her. Together we can do our part to help her thrive.

Happy Earth Day!

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