It’s that time of year again. Every summer Credit Valley Conservation offers opportunities to high school volunteers who are trying to earn community service hours needed for graduation.

Conservation Youth Corps, or CYC, is a one week program that provides students with a chance to learn about environmental and conservation issues while positively contributing to a meaningful and and worthwhile cause.

In groups of seven, volunteers participate in a daily variety of important stewardship activities such as: tree planting, aquatic and terrestrial monitoring, habitat construction and trail maintenance, to name a few. While students are hard at work they’re also learning about new parts of the watershed, meeting new people and learning task management and leadership skills, which looks excellent on college and university applications.

In exchange for their hard work, participants can receive up to 35 community involvement hours to put toward their 40 hour minimum requirement for graduation.

Here are a few other reasons CYC might be a great program for you, or someone you know:

  • Earn 35 volunteer hours
  • Meet new friends and make contact with environmental professionals
  • Work with friends or family and spend the week with them
  • Learn some resume-worthy skills like team work, task management, leadership and communication skills
  • Explore the natural environment. Get familiar with plants, animals and landscapes in and beyond your own backyard
  • Help the environment and help yourself by keeping this watershed healthy
  • Have an unforgettable week!

We have  a website and encourage online registration for the program. It fills up very quickly, so don’t miss your chance!

You can also check out CYC’s  Facebook page for a little more information and to see photos of the volunteers in action.

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