CYC Frontline Volunteers Learn About Low Impact Development

Through the school year, a team of dedicated Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) volunteers take what they’ve learned in the summer from Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and encourage fellow students to become involved in local stewardship initiatives.

“Many young people want to make a difference in this world but have no idea which career path to choose,” said Cameron Parrack, CVC Program Assistant Community Outreach.  “One way to find out if a career is a right fit is to visit a job site and ask questions.  Job shadowing offers this opportunity.”

Recently, a group of CYC Frontline Program volunteers toured the Credit River Watershed in south Mississauga with CVC’s Water Resources Management and Restoration Department to learn about protecting our communities from flooding and our lake from pollution using innovative stormwater techniques known as Low Impact Development (LID). The CYC Frontline Program helps build upon what CYC volunteers learn during the summer and expand their skills by working with environmental professionals from a variety of disciplines.

The green street demonstration site on Elm Drive, just south of Square One in Mississauga, is the first green street retrofit project in Ontario. The project was made possible through a unique partnership between the Peel District School Board, City of Mississauga and CVC. For more information on how to get involved with CVC’s Conservation Youth Corps and CYC Frontline programs visit the website.

During the visit, CYC volunteers learned how permeable pavement (instead of asphalt) and rain gardens allow stormwater and polluted runoff to pass through the surface and infiltrate into the ground.  This means harmful pollutants are removed naturally from stormwater at the site and cleaner water flows slowly into creeks and streams that eventually flow into Lake Ontario, our drinking water source.

As CYC volunteers, the students experienced the latest developments in LID in Ontario first hand.

Credit Valley Conservation will be having a two-day conference showcasing innovative stormwater management LID practices in Ontario and across Canada. Check the website for Making it Work – Low Impact Development in Action for more information.

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