Conservation Parks are for your whole family…even the dog

By CVC’s Jamie Williams, Specialist, Marketing & Communications

The dog days of summer are officially upon us. It’s the perfect time to stay active and enjoy the hot, sunny weather. Our parks are great places to explore and find new adventures with the whole family – even your dog!

We know how much families love their pets and finding activities that allow dogs can be a challenge. Our four-legged friends thrive on time outdoors too. The sights, sounds and smells of nature not only renew our energy and mood but also your dogs.

What better place to explore and enjoy a sunny day than  a conservation park surrounded by nature? Before you head out to one of our conservation areas with your canine companion, there’s a few reminders for a safe and enjoyable visit.

Our parks are beautiful, natural spaces to explore but remember, you’re in a shared natural space. It’s important to always keep your dogs on a leash six feet or less.

Dogs on-leash is a long-standing rule at all CVC properties. It’s important that you follow park rules when visiting to protect your pets. Dogs off-leash can be  exposed to several hazards because of the unpredictable nature of shared natural spaces. Dogs off-leash can be exposed to:

  • Poisonous plants (such as poison ivy)
  • Wildlife (coyotes, skunks and porcupines)
  • Ticks (Lyme Disease)
  • Other dogs that aren’t dog-friendly

Our parks are home to a variety of wildlife, including species-at-risk. These species can be in danger when your dog is loose. This time of year, young animals are growing and at a very vulnerable stage of life. You can help protect them by following our on-leash policy.

It’s also important to show consideration for other park visitors. Not all visitors can or wish to be expose to dogs due to allergies, fears or beliefs. It can be scary to have a wondering dog run up to you if you’re unfamiliar and unsure how the dog will respond. Remember, visitors who disregard the on-leash policy may be putting themselves and their dog at risk or liability.

Check with your local municipality for areas to let your dog run off-leash. Most municipalities have designated off-leash areas that your pet can run and play freely with other dogs.

We want everyone to enjoy our parks, so bring your furry friend and enjoy a day in nature with the whole family.

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