It’s not often that you get the chance to grow a community forest from scratch, one sapling at a time. But that is exactly what happened on June 1, in Brampton’s Ray Lawson Valley.

Clearing Invasive Species from Ray Lawson Valley

Imagine if you will, a patch of green, the length of a soccer field and narrower than a two lane highway, rampant with nasty garlic mustard and greedy knotweed. Imagine this patch of green next to high rise apartments, a concrete sports complex, in noxious proximity to strip malls and two major highways. Yes, definitely a community that has no commons for just being in nature.

Thanks to our valued partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF), the event was well attended:

  • In all, 75 people volunteered (plus three dogs)
  • Local business owners and their employees participated
  • RONA Senior Managers, Vasco Aguiar, and Ken Fernandes as well as fellow RONA employee participated

Volunteers, local residents and community groups came out to plant over 200 native species trees creating a new forest for the community of Ray Lawson Valley.

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