Rooting For a World Record

By: CVC’s Kimberley Holt What do we (CVC) have in common with Michael’s Hair Body Mind, Forests Ontario and Sustainable Forestry Initiative? Together we hope to earn a spot in the Guinness World Records. On… Continue Reading

Soak it Up: Building a Rain Garden in Alton Village

We built a rain garden at Alton Park this September with the help of volunteers from Intact Insurance and Alton Public School.  The site is an educational resource for students of neighbouring Alton Public School,… Continue Reading

It Takes a Community to Raise a Forest

By CVC’s Kimberley Holt-Behrend On a beautiful September morning, 45 volunteers celebrated National Tree Day (Sept 24) helping Forests Ontario, Michael’s Hair Body Mind Spa and Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) plant trees at Rattray Marsh… Continue Reading

It’s a Zombie Apocalypse at ‘Terror’ Cotta.

Just when you thought it was safe to take a stroll in the woods… zombies! Get ready for four nights of frightening fun for kids 12 and under at our annual Haunted Forest at ‘Terror’… Continue Reading

The Stewardship Forum: Life Changing for One Volunteer

Guest blog spot by Rebecca Vito, Aquatic Biologist with Aquafor Beech Ltd and a CVC Volunteer Leader It is almost time for the 2014 Friends of the Credit Stewardship Forum and it’s definitely an event… Continue Reading

Electrofishing Lures Help from Local Volunteers

By CVC’s Kimberley Holt-Behrend On a brisk August morning, 22 volunteers helped CVC staff electrofish in the Credit River. Electrofishing is a scientific method used for sampling fish. Fish are momentarily stunned when a small… Continue Reading

Citizenship Volunteer Awards to Incredible CVC Volunteers

The annual Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship Volunteer Service Awards recognizes selfless individuals who give their time and energy. At CVC, we have many such individuals who volunteer on behalf of their environment. It’s why… Continue Reading

Monitoring Water Quality in Real Time

It’s not everyday that an 18-year-old high school senior gets to experience what I did last Tuesday with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). It was an unforgettable encounter. The sun was low and distant. It was… Continue Reading

Recognizing a Remarkable Volunteer

-Article by CVC’s Kelisa Shamoo. It’s no secret that we’re passionate about the environment. We’re in the community, holding workshops and greening our neighbourhoods. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish all the work we do… Continue Reading

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