Partner Profiles

Planting a Community — Urban Reforestation

Article by Kiruthiha Kulendiren, Senior Science & Policy Advisor (Ontario & Northern Canada), David Suzuki Foundation. In 2012, with the support of RONA and in collaboration with Friends of the Rouge Watershed, the David Suzuki… Continue Reading

Garlic Mustard Busters Are Triumphant

Approximately 60 people took part in the inaugural Garlic Mustard Festival, held May 27 at Belfountain Conservation Area, removing more than 1,000 pounds of invasive garlic mustard. The festival was organized by Grade 4, 5… Continue Reading

Trail Counter Workshop

On Sunday May 6, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) teamed up with the Headwater Communities in Action (HCIA) Trails Working Group to host a Trail Counter Workshop.  Representatives from community groups and conservation authorities participated in… Continue Reading

Caledon Summer Camp Invests in the Environment

Last year the Scott Mission Camp planted over 600 trees and shrubs on its Caledon property. As the cold February weather wears on, camp staff hope their ecological investment survives the harsh winter and flourishes… Continue Reading

The Source & Your Community

Hello – Welcome to Credit Valley Conservation’s newly-designed Source blog.  If you followed the old Source online newsletter then you will be familiar with content in this blog.  If you’ve just stumbled across this site… Continue Reading

Everpure Biodiesel: 50 Local Restaurants on Board – and Counting!

Imagine if you could reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and run your vehicle on nothing more than vegetable oil. One local company is making this dream a reality. Everpure Biodiesel Cooperative produces environmentally sustainable… Continue Reading

Caledon Horse Facility Owners Harness the Power of Partnerships

When Doug and Debbie Hart purchased their farm and horse facility in Caledon this past spring, it was a long-held dream come true. “After growing up in a city subdivision and eventually moving to Caledon,… Continue Reading

Erin Auto Recyclers – Working for a cleaner community

When Rob Smith purchased Erin Auto Recyclers a few years ago, he set several major goals for himself. The first was to operate the business in a sustainable manner; second, to continuously improve on his… Continue Reading

The Riverwood Conservancy – Caring For an Urban Oasis

The Mississauga Garden Council was founded in 1985 to help plan a park and community resource for the City of Mississauga on four undeveloped parcels of land near the intersection of Burnhamthorpe and Mississauga Roads…. Continue Reading

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