Conservation Youth Corps

Youth Having Fun and Making a Difference

Youth Having Fun and Making a Difference

With summer right around the corner we’re already planning ahead and preparing for another busy season. It’s a great time for us to connect and work side by side with volunteers in the community. One… Continue Reading

Be a Conservation Hero

Be a Conservation Hero

Not all heroes get to wear capes, unless you’re one of our heroes featured in the CVC Foundation’s Be a Conservation Hero campaign. Our heroes put on capes to encourage you to help protect nature and be… Continue Reading

Celebrating 10 Years of Youth Community Service

Celebrating 10 Years of Youth Community Service

Ten years of community service is a sentence local youth can be proud of. Today marks the completion of the 10th year of our Conservation Youth Corps program (CYC). In 2006, at the urging of our former CAO, Rae… Continue Reading

Inspiring Youth Leadership with CYC

What’s more rewarding than inspiring others? We thrive when we share our love of the environment with others. Getting youth involved in environmental action is the best way to bring about change. Here’s a first-hand… Continue Reading

My Life Changing Environmental Experience

I’m Derry. I’m a long-time volunteer with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). It all started when I attended CVC’s Conservation Youth Corps in 2012, which ignited my passion for the environment. As a recent high school… Continue Reading

Thank you to our CVC Volunteers in 2015

CVC’s volunteers accomplished a lot in 2015. Without them we would not have been able to plant so many trees and shrubs, clean up our streams, monitor the fish in our rivers, educate the public or complete… Continue Reading

Turtle nest protectors: CVC’s wilderness watchdog

If turtles could put locks on their doors, they would. Lucky for them, they have friends at Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) to help keep their valuables safe. Turtle eggs are at high risk for being… Continue Reading

Planting the Seeds of an Environmental Career

Conservationists are born with dedication, passion and enthusiasm. At a young age, a seed of interest is planted and with a little patience, it can blossom into a life-long passion. Kaitlyn Barber is an excellent… Continue Reading

My Fabulous Week with Conservation Youth Corps

I’m Lauren Bannerman-Maxwell. I was lucky enough to spend the week of July 13 volunteering with CVC’s Conservation Youth Corps (CYC). It was an exciting, educational and rewarding experience. On our first day, our CYC… Continue Reading