Brampton’s David Suzuki Secondary School (DSSS) received national, provincial and local recognition for its ecological landscaping initiative. The school was recognized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Habitat 2020 program, Eco Canada’s Green High School program and was awarded Gold Certification by Ontario Ecoschools.

Teachers and students worked together to naturalize school grounds with assistance from Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), Peel Region and the City of Brampton. The first phase of the project, named Suzuki Grove by the students, was planted in spring with assistance from CVC’s Urban Outreach program.

“We’re very encouraged by the leadership demonstrated by students and staff at David Suzuki Secondary School,” said Mike Puddister, Director of Restoration and Stewardship for CVC. “The school truly lives up David Suzuki’s name by embodying his spirit of environmental consciousness and stewardship.”

Students achieved Gold Certification with Ontario EcoSchools in all six categories – teamwork and leadership, energy conservation, waste minimization, school ground greening, ecological literacy and environmental stewardship. The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Habitat 2020 program recognized DSSS students for creating bird and butterfly habitat. The multi-phase naturalization project landed DSSS in the top three for Eco Canada’s Green High Schools program.

CVC provides educational resources and limited planting assistance to schools within the Credit River Watershed. Naturalization projects can include woodland plantings, wildflower gardens, rain gardens and more.

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