Benefits of Fishing with Minimal Tackle

Benefits of Fishing with Minimal Tackle

Guest blog on fishing by Billy the AMFisH guy.

Hi Island Lake visitors, fellow anglers and AMFisHers!  This blog post is about heading out on fishing outings with minimal tackle and the benefits of doing so.  As anglers I know many of us feel a lot more comfortable heading out with every rod and bait we have, but stepping outside your comfort zone can make you a better angler!

I do this from time to time at Island Lake with two rods, a small shoulder pack with a few baits and my dog.  Stepping outside your comfort zone is  beneficial. Your mind focuses when you think about only being out there with six to 10 baits and two rods. There is little to no growth when we are in our set in our ways, which is why constantly trying new things is a great way to promote our growth as  anglers.

Head out with one or two rods maximum and a small tray of six to 10 of your high confidence baits that allow for various styles of fishing. Examples could be the white spinnerbait that you always catch various fish species on, a lipless crankbait that you can use to fish shallow, deep and vertically jig if you need to fish even deeper water. Other examples are top water frogs that allow you to cover the surface, or a 20-pack of a standard black six-inch worm that you can Texas or wacky rig for a slower presentation. Having just a few of your top performing high confidence baits, as well as a few extra hooks and weights, minimizes clutter/storage issues while you fish. You can focus on the task and not on which of your 78 baits you want to try next.

The key is to select minimal baits that allow you to fish different depths, resulting in faster decision making and more fishing! Let yourself focus on more important things like your surroundings, water conditions, weather conditions, fish activity, bird activity and other factors that can impact your day on the lake.

Sometimes less is more. Less time worrying about the perfect bait mean you can make split second decisions and keep you rod in the water that much longer, increasing your odds of catching more fish!

The AMFisH guy…Billy

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  • Jim watson says:

    Hi, Bill

    You are right. Spending less time thinking about bait can increase the chance of catching more fish.
    but in some case you should use big bait. Catching big bass require big bait.

    Maybe bait is less important o you. But for me it is that much important as other factor.
    BTW, awesome info.
    thanks for your awesome share.

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