Beautiful Spring Flowers

Beautiful Spring Flowers

It’s officially spring, but when will the cold winter weather leave for good? When you start seeing flowers blooming in your garden, it’s  a sure sign that spring weather is here. After a long cold winter, it’s exciting to see some colour and life in our landscapes, especially our gardens! If you planted bulbs in fall, you’ll have beautiful flowers in bloom early in the season.

If your garden looks a little bare, you can easily add plants for a variety of colours and textures that look great and provide food for some of the season’s first pollinators.

A shady yard is perfect for any of our spring ephemerals (plants with a short life cycle). Plant a patch of Yellow Trout-lilies and you’ll first be greeted with the distinctive speckled leaf and then delighted by the bright yellow blooms that follow. Keep an eye out for visiting Mourning Cloak butterflies, one of the first butterflies that you’ll see in the spring.

Spring flowering shrubs can be a show stopper when in full bloom. The showy white flowers of Canada Plum are the centre of attention since they bloom before their leaves come out. These shrubs will be a-buzz with recently emerged queen bumble bees gathering food for their  new colony.

Trees might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of spring flowers but they’re often some of the first flowers to emerge. The small flowers of a Red Maple don’t seem that exciting individually, but when they all bloom together in the month of May, the branches burst with a red colour. Hungry Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds that have just arrived back from Central America will welcome these early blooms.

To learn more about native plants and how to add them to your yard, register for one of our gardening workshops.

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