Summer’s finally here! Many of us spend hours outside making sure our properties look beautiful and work hard to make our homes and communities look amazing too. We also do this because it helps the environment. Now what would you do if an invasive plant started to destroy your beautiful property?

A group of landowners in Caledon banded together to remove a destructive invasive plant called dog-strangling vine (DSV), which started to take over their properties.

Dog Strangling Vine
Dog Strangling Vine

The community was concerned with the extensive infestation in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment so they answered nature’s call for help. Today, over 19 neighbourhood property owners are committed to working with CVC to tackle this invasive plant. Nearby, Forks of the Credit Provincial Park is also taking steps to remove it.

Dog-strangling vine can be identified by its distinctive purple star-shaped flowers and it makes bean-shaped seed pods, similar to milkweed. It grows well in sunny lightly shaded areas. Originally from Europe, this plant is able to take over by wrapping around and suffocating young trees and herbaceous plants.

You can see a DSV removal project in progress at the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park during CVC’s summer Twilight Tour Series. Join us over three evenings in the countryside and draw inspiration from your watershed neighbours as we tour environmental projects. Each session features a different project and property. Learn techniques on how to make the best compost, remove invasive plants and the dos and don’ts of windbreak design. You’ll have the chance to roll-up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and see how projects went from an idea to action with the help of CVC.

Information on the Twilight Tour Series:

Twilight Tour # 1

Compost on the farm – Turn equine waste into a resource
Wed. June 29, 2016
Trailwood Farm, 15276 Dixie Rd, Caledon

At this session we break down the science of composting. Get the inside scoop from a Caledon horse farmer on how he is turning equine waste into a resource. We’ll get our hands dirty as we test compost piles and learn how to actively monitor and influence the rate of composting to produce the highest quality compost.

Twilight Tour # 2

Tackle Invasive Plants – Control and remove one of the worst invaders: dog-strangling vine
Wed. July 13, 2016
Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, McLaren Rd, Caledon

Join us at the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park as we roll up our sleeves and get to know common invasive species. Learn the tricks of the trade on how to stop the spread of these stubborn plants. Led in partnership with P.O.W.E.R., this tour showcases an invasive species removal project tackling the highly destructive dog-strangling vine.

Twilight Tour # 3

Windbreaks – Trees at Work: Save energy, create wildlife highways and stop drifting snow
Wed. August 10, 2016
5994 Trafalgar Road, Hillsburgh

We tour trees at work and learn how windbreaks save soil, create wildlife highways, stop drifting snow and improve home energy efficiency. We’ll get to work on how to design the right windbreak for the job, test soil moisture, wind speed and temperature and see the many benefits of windbreaks in the countryside.

You can attend one or all three events for free. Register today

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