And the Award goes to….CVC and IMAX

It’s not an Oscar, an Emmy or a Golden Globe but the Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence sure is a nice haul when your passion is environmental protection! Last week Credit Valley Conservation, represented by our very own Christine Zimmer, was honoured for our innovative approaches to stormwater management on a parking lot retrofit with IMAX Corporation.  The project was designed to reduce flooding and protect the environment.

CVC and IMAX partnered to reconstruct an environmentally friendly parking lot at the IMAX head office. Leading edge technologies may be the star of the production, however expertise from local green companies (Imbrium, Unilock, Aquafor Beech and Fernridge) played a strong supportive role in its success – an outstanding accomplishment that deserves two thumbs up!

The technology behind the project is known as low impact development, an innovative approach that manages stormwater as close to its source as possible. It can decrease localized flooding and filter runoff, reducing pollutants in our waterways and Lake Ontario – the drinking water for eight million people.

Our staff and partners may not receive accolades as superheroes and will never don tights or a cape, but they possess extraordinary talents and are dedicated to protecting the public. Their award-winning work illustrates how doing the right thing for the environment can benefit businesses and the community. Talk about a feel-good production!

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