As the end of the school year approaches, many parents are thinking about fun activities for their kids to try this summer. Finding a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activities can be challenging. Summer is an ideal time to unplug from our favorite electronics and connect with nature.

This year we’ve partnered with Fishing Friendzy to offer a new program, the Youth Fishing League at Island Lake and Ken Whillans. Kids will learn about fishing, explore the outdoors and develop a deeper appreciation for the environment. The program is dedicated to helping kids learn, make new friends and enjoy new adventures.

The Youth Fishing League is led by Fishing Friendzy’s Mike Sklad. He encourages kids to join even if they’ve never cast a line before. Kids learn how to handle fish and be responsible anglers. The league encourages ethical fishing practices such as not targeting spawning fish. It also addresses conservation rules and encourages team work. Kids work together in groups of two to four per team and have two coaches to mentor them.

While it’s a league and a competition, it’s about much more than winning. Kids get a lesson, a mentor and a chance to build their confidence in the outdoors! And parents are welcome to stay and watch their budding young anglers in action.

Kids participate in the league for two-hour sessions each week and the program runs for four weeks. Each session includes a 30-minute educational component and an hour and a half of fishing. All gear is provided. The program also includes a guest speaker, photo day to commemorate the experience and wraps up with a final championship day of fishing. Registration is required to participate.

Fishing Friendzy is all about fun for kids and reinforces a thankful approach for all that nature has to offer. Kids are encouraged to celebrate the environment and share their experiences. And during the fishing league they will inevitably see other wildlife like ospreys or turtles.

Maybe your son or daughter might discover a future career path because of their experience. Or maybe they’ll develop a love for the outdoors. Whatever the case, our goal is to help kids have a new adventure and explore nature.

To learn more about the program or to register, visit Youth Fishing League.

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