1. Canada produces 80 per cent of the world’s maple syrup supply. Ontario is the second largest producer in the country.
  2. The taste of maple syrup can vary from region to region because of differences in soil, minerals and waterways. Even the sugar maker and sugar shack can affect the flavour of the final product.
  3. Maple syrup will not freeze solid.
  4. The amount of colour in maple syrup is proportional to the amount of flavour, therefore the darker the colour the stronger the flavour.
  5. Maple syrup production is the first agricultural crop of the calendar year.
  6. On average, it takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.
  7. In 2012, the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist took place in Quebec. Six million pounds of syrup was stolen at a value of $18 million. Sony pictures plans to make a movie about the theft
  8. There is no artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives, or additives are found in real maple syrup.
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